Discretionary Services

Investment Philosophy

The MPL approach to private client portfolio management is based on a core set of investment beliefs.  These beliefs represent the foundation of our investment process and as such are central to the way in which we manage our clients’ investments.

  1. Our financial advisors and investment managers are integral to the planning and investment process.

  2. Each investor is unique and investment risk is the chance of not meeting the client’s goals.

  3. Most investors have long time horizons and should ignore short-term market noise.

  4. Diversification across many asset classes is a genuine way of reducing uncertainty without compromising expected future returns.

  5. Discipline in investing is the hallmark of success.  Investors should stick to an investment strategy and only take investment risks where there is a reasonable expectation that they will be reliably rewarded.

  6. Minimising transaction costs and operation risk requires efficient implementation at the portfolio level.

A Top Down Approach

"Getting the investment strategy right is the most important consideration in achieving investment goals"

This is the fundamental premise that underpins the MPL approach to investment management and in turn dictates the manner in which we manage private client portfolios.  At MPL we recognise that every investor is different with different objectives, circumstances, and attitudes and as such their investment strategy needs to be tailored to reflect these unique characteristics.  A common mistake of many investment practitioners is to focus on attempting to deliver the highest possible investment return without adequate attention to understanding the circumstances, objectives and risk tolerance of the client.  All too often this myopic approach results in an outcome which diverges from the client’s desired reality.

At MPL our starting point is a top down approach to managing client portfolios, concentrating on where we believe we add the most value in order to maximise the probability of achieving the individual investor’s desired outcome