Pensions/Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning is frequently viewed as the production of income resulting from pension funds built up during the working life of a client. However, Retirement Planning is not just about pension plan maturity – what is being considered is a change in lifestyle.

Our strategy is to identify the most effective way to build retirement funds and provide ‘Income in Retirement’. We consider suitable ‘wrappers’, tax efficiency, investment strategy, self-investment and flexibility.

The MPL service extends to providing advice on:

  • Changes in investment portfolio structure to generate tax efficient income.
  • Providing options on purchasing annuities and/or income drawdown.
  • Reviewing a client’s requirement for capital which could otherwise be gifted with tax efficient income receipts.
  • Reviewing the decision of ‘where to live’.
  • We can cater for clients considering transferring UK pensions to recognised overseas pension schemes.

We aim to put you in control of your pension – possibly your largest asset.